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Entry #26

Big CW3 Bug fixed

2009-03-10 07:19:08 by Carpo-ink

Well the AS not exporting thing has been has something to do with a variable being over 3000+in a while command....which would explain why the GRaV debugger didn't say anything , coz it crashed while trying to read the var , so the crash made cw3 crash as well , causing the AS to 'not run'.... Yay back on progress.

EDIT: theres another bug , while testing the game play... the moment i clicked on 'start game' , the debugger came out with this:
"UndefinedUndefinedUndefinedUndefinedU ndefinedUndefinedUndefined...."
....well back to bug fixing


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2010-04-09 19:47:24

still working on CW3. zzz Haven seen in 5 years. wonder wat you up to. hehe


2010-04-27 15:57:44

lord strike him dead if u doesn't fix the bug. lol joke.


2012-12-07 14:52:17

Every one of your games are coppied from Cosmoseth.